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Pandit Ram Sahai Foundation was set up in 2002 to meet the current needs for generating and understanding Indian music. It is a subsidiary trust of Pandit Ram Sahai Sangit Vidyalaya (India) which was founded in 1965 by Pandit Sharda Sahai and in 1987 by Dr Frances Shepherd and Pandit Sharda Sahai in the UK, with branches in Europe and North America. The aim of the trust is to serve, promote and encourage activities for the betterment of education and understanding of Indian classical music in the wider community.

We remember the life and legacy of Pandit Sharda Sahai.

PANDIT SHARDA SAHAI, renowned as one of the greatest exponents of the Benares Baj and was instrumental in pioneering its development worldwide, most notably in Canada, America and the UK.  He hailed from five generations of master musicians and whilst always faithful to the tradition of his ancestors he also was very much a musician of his time.

He was revered for his spellbinding solo performances, East-West collaborations, and skill and generosity as a teacher. His legacy continues through his disciples and students worldwide and in the Pandit Ram Sahai Sangeet Vidyalaya which he founded in Benares in 1965;  to ensure that those outside of the tradition could have access to education in Indian Music and the Performing Arts.

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