The music world has suffered a great loss with the passing of Padma Vibhushan Pandit Kishan Maharaj who died on Sunday 4th May 2008.  He was born in Benares (Kashi) on the auspicious Krishna Janamastami day and was given the name Kishan.  He learnt the art of tabla playing under the watchful eye of his father Pandit Hari Maharaj.  After the untimely death of his father, Maharaj-jee’s training was taken over by his uncle, Pt. Kanthe Maharaj, one of the great old masters and himself a disciple of Pt. Baldeo Sahai. Pt. Baldeo Sahai was the grandson of Pt. Ram Sahai, founder of the Benares gharana.
A very great personality and ambassador for Benares tabla baj, he will be greatly missed.  Maharaj-jee is survived by wife Beena Devi, three daughters and son Puran Maharaj, who is also a tabla player.
Pandit Kishan Maharaj and Pandit Sharda Sahai“He was a great tabla master.  His style of playing was Benares style within in which he developed his own distinct approach.  He was famous for his mathematical calculations and Paral (a complex improvisational form).  He was able to play difficult and rare Taals with ease.  Indian music has lost one of its great masters.”  –Pandit Sharda Sahai

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