26th Annual Summer Tabla Workshop with Pandit Sharda Sahai

26th Annual Summer Tabla Workshop with Pandit Sharda Sahai
June 22nd through July 5th, 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Presented in collaboration with the Pandit Ram Sahai Foundation

Hosted by Shawn Mativetsky at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University



Pandit Ram Sahai Foundation

Spend two weeks with one of the greatest living tabla players. This extended tabla workshop will include lessons, group practice  sessions, lectures, repertoire classes, and a concert and is appropriate for all levels (beginning, intermediate, advanced).

Pandit Sharda Sahai

Pandit Sharda Sahai was born in Benares, Indiain 1935. He is a direct descendent of Pandit Ram Sahai, the founder of the Benares style of tabla playing. As one of India’s pre-eminent tabla artists, Sharda Sahai has appeared at all of the important music conferences and festivals and has performed with every major artist of North Indian Classical music, including Ali Akbar Khan, Amjad Ali Khan, and Ravi Shankar. He is the director of the Pandit Ram Sahai Sangit Vidyalaya schools of music inBenares and in London. He has held appointments at the music faculties ofWesleyan University, Brown University andBerklee School of Music in the USA as well asDartington College of Arts, Oxford Universityand Leeds University in England.

Dates: June 22nd through July 5th, 2008

Location: Schulich School of Music of McGill University, Montreal, Quebec,Canada


How to register: Contact Shawn Mativetsky at the co-ordinates listed below. Please provide your full name, address, phone number, arrival and departure dates, and whether or not you require a room at the dormitory. Tuition payment will be accepted via Paypal (credit cards accepted).


Contact: Shawn Mativetsky, shawn@sahai.org


HousingAvailable in the dormitories of McGill University at 40$ per day (plus taxes). Breakfast is included.



Instruments: Students should provide their own tabla for use during the workshop. A very limited number of tabla may be available to rent.
Daily ScheduleStudents will be divided into classes based on ability level. Each class will meet eight times. Much of your time will be spent in individual practice and practicing with your classmates. Advanced Class time may change to fit the participants.

Group Practice Session:      

Students of all levels practice together. This is a time for review and clarification of material covered in class. The group practice session is for technique practice.

Group Listening Session:
This is a chance to listen to recordings of the masters to compare and contrast styles etc.


Lectures / presentationsTo be announced.

PujaPuja is a gathering to pay homage the master tabla players and teachers of the past.

Gala Concert – Sunday, June 22, 2008

The concert will feature Pandit Sharda Sahai, performing a tabla solo in the Benares style.

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